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    How To Think Global & Act Local?

    The process of sewage treatment involves various phases like Pre-treatment, Primary treatment, Secondary treatment and Territory treatment. In this blog, I will not go into much depth about the details of these processes. These three steps collectively remove nearly all contaminants from wastewater. Primary treatment removes cans, rags, sticks, plastic packets, sand, grit, stones, broken

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    Pollution In Every Sip Of Water | Water Pollution Treatment

    Now, it seems that purity or rather impurity of potable water is merely a matter of degree. Few of us drink polluted water and few of us drink more polluted water as compared to others. The situation for kids is even more gruesome as they eat and drink more per body weight. Moreover, the situation

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    How To Reduse, Reuse and Recycle?

    I have noticed many companies work on the business strategy of “Planned obsolescence”. They intentionally produce goods of the cheap quality of lower price example Chinese products. They want their customer to come and again for the same product. This surely increases their sales but negatively effects the environment. Products having a short life cycle

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