Significance of safe environment cannot be underestimated. Ironically with advancement of human civilization quality of both air and water is continuously deteriorating. Now, purity or impurity of these is just a matter of degree.

We well understand this and Ewalt is committed to provide sophisticated and sustainable waste management turnkey solutions to maintain pristine condition. With our formidable knowledge base, we provide best quality and cost competitive water treatment & waste water treatment solutions. We have comprehensive range of pre-fabricated Effluent and Sewage treatment plants. We also construct civil structured water and waste water treatment plants on turnkey basis. Our tech team innovatively designed structures based on latest ESBMR (Ewalt Surface Booster Media Reactor) technology which is a modified and more efficient version of age old MBBR (Moving bed bio-bioreactor technology). We provide fully automatic as well as semi-automatic structures based on MC, PLC, HMI, SCADA and MMI to cater wide needs of industries.

Apart from these we manufacture DM plants, RO systems, zero liquid discharge recycling system, swimming pools, water softeners, ultra-filtration, nano-filtration, media filtration, micron filtration, disinfection, packaged drinking water plants all under one roof. We also assist our customers with our components and chemicals division after installation. Apart from these we provide services for EIA, EC, pre and post environmental consents. Ewalt is a fusion of global name and ace products backed by local service engineering team. All these features make our organization an enviable one. We believe in 24X7 working approach and stand by our customers during any odd situation. For this we have provided a toll free number on our website. We also deal in different types of air scrubbers and Bag filters to control air pollution at source.

We as your trusted partner will work together in every part from construction to installation. We disseminate waste management solutions and services to industrial, commercial and residential customers and hence are proud on our wide array and diverse customer base. Even we provide customized services as per the specific need of particular customer. We believe in long term associations with our esteem customers and hence even after successful installation provide facility of AMC or O&M (Operation & Maintenance).

We do ethical business by providing top notch products, time-frame installation, 24x7 service support and above all sustainable commitment. These fundamental elements make us unique leader of complete environment management solutions and services. Our services enable clients to meet govt. compliance, boost profitability and maintain their commitment to environmental sustainability. Ewalt is just a click away from you.



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