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Industrial Water Treatment

An industrial water treatment system treats water so it is more appropriate for a given use, whether for consumption, manufacturing, or even disposal. That said, each system will vary depending on the facility’s needs and many of the technologies that make up these systems can be similar. In general, some of the most-needed industrial water treatment systems typically include:

  • Raw water treatment systems
  • Boiler feed water treatment systems
  • Cooling tower water treatment systems
  • Wastewater treatment systems
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry water usage
  • Water treatment for lab use.

The technologies selected and in what order they appear in each water treatment system will vary depending on the contaminants that need to be removed, but it is possible to narrow down what you might see in these four common industrial treatment systems.

For the above-mentioned industrial water requirement Ewalts has the following products-

  • Water softener
  • Demineralizing plant
  • Mixed bed plant
  • pH correction system
  • De carbonization plants
  • Iron removal system
  • Ion exchange water treatment system.

Water Softener

Demineralizing Plant

Mixed Bed Plant

pH Correction System

De Carbonizing System

Iron Removal System

Ion Exchange Water Treatment System

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