Domestic Waste Water Treatment STP/ESBR Plant

We are proud that unarguably Ewalts range comprises comprehensive waste water treatment solutions to treat domestic waste or sewage. Assimilation of sewage definitely alters the quality of clean and fresh water thereby posing potential threats to humans as well as to flora and fauna of water bodies.

Our STP plants are based on exclusive Ewalts Sequential Batch Reactors (ESBR) technology, which is also commonly known as SBR technology. Our activated sludge cutting edge technology is known across the globe for its efficacy. We design tailor made systems as per specific requirement of project, having maximum supply of oxygen to drastically reduce the BOD, COD, nitrogen and phosphorus. Greatest advantage of our designs is that minimum attention and chemicals are required throughout the treatment process.

We have industries best technical team to cater wide needs of clients. We have experience of designing small to large scale STP plants from 1000 lph to 1,00,000 lph. Our STP’s are controlled and monitored by a Pre Logic Control system for easier & safe operations. Needless to mention, that we have done hundreds of such successful installations in various countries across the globe.

USP of Ewalts STP

• A pre-engineered, modular, packaged treatment plant

• Tailor made plants

• Less space required

• Less civil construction

• Low operating costs

• Less maintenance required

• Easy to transport, relocate and extend

• Easy to install over ground, in basement area & on terrace

• Corrosion resistant storage tank made of MS fiberglass, FRP or SS or concrete

• Computer interface technologies and advanced monitoring instrumentation capability



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