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Pumping, Instrumentation And Other Spares

For businesses operating wastewater treatment plants, it is important that the plant operates reliably and meets its performance expectations at all times. In many industrial operations, the operation of the wastewater treatment plant is critical to the production process.

To ensure that your wastewater treatment plant operates reliably, in addition to engaging Ewalt’s Utilities to conduct regular service and maintenance on the plant, it is essential to understand each component of your treatment plant and implement back-up systems in case of part failure.

Failure of some components in a wastewater treatment plant will prevent the treatment plant from operating. In some cases, spare parts can be sourced quickly preventing disruption to the process operations, however, the failure of a critical item that cannot be repaired immediately can ultimately incur considerable cost on your business.

Automation, on the other hand, has a variety of control strategies, varying in levels of complexity, are currently utilized for process control of wastewater treatment applications. The primary incentives for control and automation of wastewater treatment plants are compliance with effluent standards and cost reduction.

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