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Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater is generated as a by-product of the manufacturing activities of a commercial unit. Such activities augment BOD, COD, TSS, TDS, heavy metals, colour, pH, temperature etc. Wastewater released with these increased level of parameters can potentially harm the ecosystem.

Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) designed and commissioned by Ewalt’s engineering team turn wastewater into its pristine form to reuse it. A remarkable feature of our ETP’s is cutting edge innovative ESBMR (Ewalt Surface Booster Media Reactor) technology which is known worldwide for its treatment efficacy. ESBMR technology is a modified version of MBBR technology and it treats wastewater more efficiently than MBBR technology.

Our ETP’s based on physiochemical or biological treatment technology is focused to minimise waste at source and perfectly treats a wide range of organic contaminants, detergents, petrochemicals, pesticides, chloride, fluorides and heavy metals as per the strict licensing regimes. We have a gamut of Primary and Secondary clarifiers, Central Drive Clarifiers, Peripheral drive clarifiers, Clariflocculator, ENEC and ESEC, Tube Settlers and Decanters to deal with all sort of waste material as per customer’s specific need.

As a fastest-growing company, we have all sorts of state-of-the-art facilities beneath one roof. We have experience of designing small to large scale ETP plants from 1000 lph to 1, 00,000 lph. We provide entirely automated to semi-automated customized plants after thoroughly understanding the customer’s needs. Our ETP’s are controlled and monitored by a Pre Logic Control system for easier & safe operations. We have done hundreds of such successful installations in various countries across the globe.

USP of Ewalt’s ETP’s

•  A pre-engineered, modular, packaged treatment plant
•  Tailor-made plants
•  Less space required
•  Less civil construction
•  Low operating costs
•  Less maintenance required
•  Easy to transport, relocate and extend
•  Easy to install over the ground, in basement area & on the terrace
•  Corrosion-resistant storage tank made of MS fibreglass, FRP or SS or concrete
•  Computer interface technologies and advanced monitoring instrumentation capability

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