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How To Reduse, Reuse and Recycle?

I have noticed many companies work on the business strategy of “Planned obsolescence”. They intentionally produce goods of the cheap quality of lower price example Chinese products. They want their customer to come and again for the same product. This surely increases their sales but negatively effects the environment. Products having a short life cycle definitely increase your carbon footprint. Hence, I suggest you purchase top-grade durable products while shopping. Always ask for their durability from the company before banking on them. I assure you one thing that top product may cost you more initially, but in the long run, it will prove beneficial for the individual as well as for the ecosystem as a whole.

Let’s now discuss some waste-reducing practices of the workplace. Nowadays we all have access to the internet and other swift e-communication means to pass our message. Using electronic mails to disseminate information is quite an effective as well as a smart way instead of forwarding printed papers etc. Hence use click button for forwarding the mails not to give a command for printing. And if necessary to take a print out then at least try to use both sides of the paper. Make centralised files rather than making a huge number of individual files.

To bestow a green and clean Planet Earth to coming generations definitely we all have to adopt these simpler methods. In fact, we have all have to make these our habits.

Now, think again is this so difficult to save Plant Earth? No not at all! I believe now you all will agree with me that even a common man can become Superman.

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