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Ewalt’s Nucleus Floatation Carifier

Waste water even after treatment many a time comprises suspended particles. These suspended particles are potential pollutants and are regarded as Total Suspended Particles (TSS) or Non-Filterable Residue (NFR).

Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) clarifiers are being in use from last few years to remove conventional pollutants. Team Ewalt had innovated and came one step ahead to get rid of TSS or NFR from industrial or municipal applications. Ewalt has innovated and made DAF technology even more potent with Ewalt Nucleus Clarifier (ENEC) and Ewalt Semi Float Clarifiers (ESEC) as exclusive flagship designs. These are Ewalts exclusive products having cost effective revolutionary technology to remove wide range of suspended particles in a quite small process time. Our systems efficiently take away fats, oils and grease from waste water too. For domestic water supplies coming across the regular problem of algal blooms or low turbidity can be overcome with support of Ewalts’s ENEC or ESEC systems.

Based on varied effluent nature and quality from diverse industries we design special ENEC or ESEC clarifiers having low engineering design as well as installation cost. The water treated with help of our systems is entirely healthy for recycling purpose. Apart from these our systems can be applied in refineries, food processing industry, chemical processing, power plants and pulp and paper manufacturing industries.

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