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  • Cost-efficient
  • Easy to expand
  • Small footprint
  • Durable & stable
  • Simply to extend
  • Less space required
  • Low operating costs,
  • Flexible technology
  • Less civil construction
  • No manpower required if clubbed with PLC
  • 20-year warranty on bio-media
  • Easy to transport, relocate and extend
  • Minimize process complexity and operator attention
  • Environmental friendly a pre-engineered, modular, packaged treatment plant,
  • Fast recovery from process upsets
  • 10 times the loading in less than 1/5 of the space
  • Robust and consistent operation
  • Self-cleaning media
  • Can handle shock loading.
  • Less sensitive to temp and pH variations
  • Nutrient removal capabilities including ammonia & phosphates
  • Tankage of corrosion-resistant MS fibreglass,
  • Computer interface technology & can be clubbed with SCADA also.

Technology Used, Attached Growth Process

The Surface booster media reactor treatment plant is based on “Advanced Aerated Moving Bed Bio-Rector (AAMBBR)” technology. The basic principal of the moving bed process is the growth of the biomass on carriers that move in the biological reactor via agitation generated by aeration systems (in aerobic reactors) or by mechanical systems (in anoxic or anaerobic reactors). The supports are made from plastic with a density close to 1 g/cm3 letting them move easily in the reactor.

SBMR is designed to increase specific surface area in the reactor for the growth of the biomass, achieving significant reductions in the biological reactor volume.

This type of process can be applied to both treatment plants for the biodegradation of organic material as well as for installations with nutrient elimination, in municipal and industrial wastewaters. Another application is the use of this technology to upgrade current activated sludge processes, which not only treat organic material, to expand them and but also include simple nitrogen elimination without new biological reactors.


  • For Limited footprint
  • New plants or system upgrades
  • Both organic as nitrogen removal
  • Schools and other educational campuses
  • Remote mining, logging, and construction sites
  • All types of industrial and domestic wastewater
  • Manufacturing facilities, power plants, military bases
  • Low Flow / High Strength and High Flow / Low Strength application
  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment (Residential facility, Hotels, Hostels, and Resorts)
  • Industrial wastewater like Refineries, Textiles, Paper mills Food Processing Plants & Pharmaceutical formulation etc.
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