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Ewalts Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR)

Ewalt Sequential Batch Reactor system is a modern approach to treat domestic and industrial wastewater. ESBR is a automated PLC based biological treatment plant for biodegradable wastewater. ESBR represent a variation of the activated sludge process. Like any other activated sludge process, ESBR works by developing a mixed culture of bacteria, which is effective in removing BOD, COD and nutrients commonly found in wastewaters. ESBR can treat a wide range of domestic and industrial wastewater, at flows ranging from a 1m3/day to 1000 m3 per day in a single unit. ESBR is a single reactor system. These units are normally installed in situations where there are space constraints & compatible work force is not available in remote locations. The ESBR can treat domestic as well as small industrial effluents to a very high standard like ≤10mg.litre BOD discharge. Ewaltz Sequential Batch Reactors are controlled and monitored by a Pre Logic control system for easier, safe & automatic operations. The operation principal in ESBR is the same “Batch of each process & reaction will take place in series, in a single reactor or batch chamber. The waste water from common collection tank will flows into a set of ESBR, and after the process of fill, react, settle, decant, idle, 95% COD could be removed .There are some sets of standby electromechanical rotary which could make the system trouble free & smooth.

ESBR Features and advantages

  • No man power required
  • Less civil construction
  • Less maintenance required
  • Easy to transport, relocate and extend
  • Production of high quality treated effluents discharge
  • A pre-engineered, modular, packaged treatment plant
  • Perfectly useable for domestic and industrial wastewater
  • Automatic ” holiday mode” batch aeration cycle with PLC
  • Easy to install over ground, in basement area & on terrace
  • Nutrient removal capabilities including ammonia & phosphates
  • Tanks are corrosion resistant with ms fiberglass, frp, SS or concrete
  • Computer interface technologies and advanced monitoring instrumentation capability
  • The treated water is low in Organics (BOD <10 ppm), (TSS<10) and Nutrients < 5-8mg/L TN, hence used for all non-potable applications with tertiary treatment
  • Single tank unit operation, hence settling tank and sludge recirculating system not required. Advanced ESBR eliminates problems faced in conventional settling tanks.


  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment (Residential facility, Hotels, Hostels and Resorts).
  • Schools, Universities and other educational campuses.
  • Manufacturing facilities, power plants, military bases.
  • Retail houses, commercial buildings & pack houses.
  • Remote mining, logging and construction sites.
  • Biological treatment for industrial wastewater like Refineries, Food Processing Plants, Dairy industry, Beverages & Pharmaceutical units etc.

Residential, Commercial & industrial complex with low manpower to operate STP’s

Integration with innovative mixing and aeration systems.

SBR plants need a good mixing and a none—clogging aeration system because sludge sedimentation occurs directly in the oxidation basin. Ewalt use proven aeration and mixing Systems, however the final choice dependent on the liquid to be treated.

Plant performance

Due to the flexibility and high levels of performance, we can use our ESBR plants on a wide range of wastewaters. The SBR performs particularly well in the treatment of effluent highly loaded in both COD and/or Ammonia, achieving up to 95% removal of biodegradable COD and Ammonia. It has also excellent nutrient removal properties. In all cases, the plant is designed specifically for the particular wastewater.

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