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Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor

The CSTR reactors are the most common low rate digesters for large scale application. The feed is introduced to a constantly stirred tank to ensure complete mixing of the reactor content. At the same time, an effluent flow is removed from the reactor. The CSTR reactor is continuously stirred so there aren’t any concentration or temperature gradient. Stirring also improves contact between anaerobic microorganisms and feedstock.

The main characteristic of the CSTR reactor is that solids and liquid retention times on the reactor are equal. Feeds between 3-10% TS. This technology is used for high solids contents such as food, livestock industry waste and other waste. We have a database for various suppliers and thus we can choose the best suitable unit for the treatment plant. As an example, we intend to use Glass fused steel tanks that will save construction time by more than 4 months.

Major Advantages:


• Better performance than other “low rate” digesters such plug-flow or covered lagoons.
• Due to the mixing system, a CSTR reactor can decrease the hydraulic retention time of the waste from months to between 10 and 20 days, increasing the biogas production over 10-fold.
• It is possible to treat a wide type of different wastes like slurries, swine, etc., making possible to mix different wastes to improve biogas production (codigestion).

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