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Biological Treatment

Water treated after primary treatment principally eliminates solid waste material from waste water. Still after primary treatment it comprises of hazardous materials. Hence secondary treatment is of utmost importance to bring waste water in pristine stage. Biological methods to treat such water are used thus it is coined as Secondary Biological Treatment method. Extensive array of microbes like bacteria are used to treat waste water.

Engineers at Ewalt well understand this problem. Secondary Biological Treatment process applied in the waste water treatment plants designed and commissioned by our engineering team resourcefully removes organic matter. We specialise in commissioning both aerobic and anaerobic systems. Our aerobic and anaerobic systems are known across the globe for its efficacy.

Water gushing out of our secondary treatment system is of top grade quality, odourless and re-usable. Our systems entirely remove harmful nitrates, phosphates and carbonaceous matter from a broad range of domestic, agricultural and industrial effluents. Aeration mechanism of our systems is based on the latest technologies like ESBMR. ESBR, EMBR or ASP.

Just don’t think beyond our Secondary Biological Treatment systems. We work as a team and offer turnkey solutions. Our solutions give power in your hands to turn waste water back to natural form.

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