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Anaerobic Baffled Reactor

An anaerobic baffled reactor (ABR) is an improved septic tank with a series of baffles under which the grey-, black- or the industrial wastewater is forced to flow under and offer the baffles from the inlet to the outlet. The increased contact time with the active biomass (sludge) results in improved treatment. ABRs are robust and can treat a wide range of wastewater, but both remaining sludge and effluents still need further treatment in order to be reused or discharged properly.

Major Advantages


• Resistant to organic and hydraulic shock loads
• No electrical energy is required
• Low operating costs
• Long service life
• High reduction of BOD
• Low sludge production; the sludge is stabilized
• Moderate area requirement (can be built underground)
• Simple to operate

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