Indiscriminate industrialisation accompanied with population growth has become talk of the day. Human beings tampered with nature to such an extent that life on Earth is under threat.

We as Ewalt Technologies Pvt. Ltd. understands this well and are committed to turn the tables. We specialize in the field of Environmental Management. We lead the flock with our comprehensive solutions for Water, Air and Soil pollution along with key solutions to tackle solid waste management. Also, with our environment consultancy services, pre & post consent approvals and Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) services we are setting new benchmarks for others to follow.

Since our inception in 2013 as Ewaltz Environ Technologies Pvt. Ltd, we are making rapid strides in providing water treatment solutions from small to large industries across the globe. We provide customized solutions as per the requirement of the specific industry. To build long term partnerships we always take care of economics of scale without compromising with our principles and high quality product or services.

We are proud of having industries best qualified tech team. Our tech team is a rare amalgam of young blood with tonnes of experience under belt. Noteworthy feature of our expert team is that it always serves customers with utmost honesty to provide industries best solutions with in stipulated time frame. Moreover, our top notch products are backed by 24X7 after sales services too.

We belief that Earth is the home we all share and hence it is our moral duty to restore nature to its previous state of purity and serenity. To know more about our products and services kindly contact us.



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