Think Global Act Local

I am sure like me you too will find this phrase “Think Global Act Local” quite engaging. What appeals me more is not the rhyme but the message. Despite of the fact that the message in this phrase is quite simple, practical and straightforward, still look at the irony of the situation that maximum of us damn care about the message. Don’t you feel just by dividing land masses or continents into does not mean that our responsibility towards it is also divided. To save our environment and ultimately our Planet Earth we have to adopt this approach of “Think Global Act Local”.

The time has come when we have to consider the health of Earth as whole while taking any sort of action. Do you feel that still we can afford to become citizen of a particular nation or place? Of course not! On environmental front or international front we are global citizens or world citizen only.

In fact, the same oath was taken by the representatives of all nation in the year 1992 during Earth Summit (UN Conference on Environment and Development) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. To adopt a sustainable lifestyle for sustainable development was adopted during this summit, which is also known as Agenda 21. Agenda 21 referring to 21st century urges people to join hands to judiciously use natural resources.

By adopting simple technologies at local level one can bring big changes at global level. You just have to figure out the right organizations, which just provide appropriate information to bang on the target. To see the change you have to become part of change irrespective of the fact how small your identity may be.



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