Poison in every sip: Water pollution

We all know that water is the most basic element around us. It is unarguably essential for all forms of life present on Planet Earth. I am sure all readers will unanimously agree with me on this point. I wonder still we all are whole heartedly engaged in wasting this natural resource.

A recent report by NASA about depleting water table in North India is certainly a matter of concern. We all know that India is an agrarian country and irrigation of fields depends a lot on ground water especially in North Indian states like Punjab and Haryana. This drastic decline in ground water table may limit the availability of potable water for general public of these states.

Irony of the situation is that despite of limited potable water resources nobody is paying any attention to conserve it. In fact, level of pollutants like Detergents, Chloroform, Insecticides, Herbicides, Organohalides, Chemical compounds, Petroleum hydrocarbons, Volatile organic compounds, Chlorinated solvents, pharmaceutical drugs, Heavy metals, nitrates and phosphates is scaling new heights in water bodies like rivers and lakes.

Now, it seems that purity, or rather impurity of potable water is mere a matter of degree. Few of us drink polluted water and few of us drink more polluted water as compared to others. Situation for kids is even more gruesome as they eat and drink more per body weight. Moreover, the situation is even more perilous for children as their immune system is not that developed too.

But, like you all I am optimistic too and I am sure just by applying a bit of common sense we can save this precious resource. One can also take assistance of water treatment equipments offered by organizations like Ewalt who work with pragmatic approach and believe in altruism.



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